RFID seedling management system application

In order to facilitate a large garden nursery stock is managed at the source, seedling nursery stock production base for the implementation of segmented tag management, sub-period (six months or a quarter) seedlings each a computer data entry, including nursery stock status, size, diameter and other data. Easy to understand tree garden headquarters location in which it is growing, the size, diameter, etc., to achieve dynamic, remote management. Especially for some rare seedlings management requirements are more stringent.
Han Yue RFID seedling management system application
Project bottleneck
No basis for the choice seedlings, experience alone is difficult to distinguish the case of nursery stock;
After the seedlings before shipping and transport information may be inconsistent on-site;
Seedlings Find more complicated;
Unable to view the state of the seedlings, etc;
According to the site visit, combined with the actual customer workflows based on our RFID technology, the introduction of RFID-based nursery management system. System with RFID tags and handheld RFID reading devices as the hardware support system, with independent research and development of seedlings Han Yue management software, can provide customers with an intelligent, high degree of information management processes seedlings. Mainly in the following aspects:
1. Automatic data collection:
In the past only by manually seedlings recognition, state records and other services thanks to RFID technology, automatic identification. Further integration of network communications and information processing systems to achieve real-time information updates, automatic recording, automatic processing
2. To improve the accuracy of data collection
Contrast the previous manual data collection methods, collection of accurate data greatly improved
3. Improve the efficiency of all sectors
The use of RFID technology, the seedlings query records, inventory and other saving a lot of time and improve work efficiency
4. Reduce operating costs
Paperless, cost savings.
System functions
Registration seedlings
First, the seedlings need to be managed to register operation, RFID tags hanging on seedlings, seedlings state electronic tag records (purchase date, location, diameter, height, etc.), labels, and seedlings correspondence.
Seedlings update
The process of growth of seedlings, you can use a handheld RFID reader device status will be updated in real time seedlings, real-time update log records for easy viewing.
Nursery management
Seedlings need to sell the library (or shift library), use seedlings management system can view the status of all nursery stock for the customer to view, after the customer selected seedlings, the system automatically orders a library, site operators can use a handheld RFID device information to confirm seedlings, seedlings until all transportation needs once again to confirm the operation, in order to make transportation and after comparison, during transport to prevent errors.
Seedlings inventory
 handheld rfid reader can be within the seedling nursery inventory, inventory data and system data after doing contrast, when the inventory data have errors promptly notify the relevant personnel for processing.