NiftyNinja integrates 0x protocol with Discord to provide conversational trading for virtual goods

Andy Zhu
Andy Zhu
Feb 8 · 2 min read

NiftyNinja is a decentralized application that combines the 0x protocol (infrastructure for decentralized exchange on Ethereum blockchain) with Discord (leading gaming community platform) to provide a frictionless trading interface for non-fungible tokens (currently ERC-721s).

Hop on our discord to get a demo!

How it works

Discord users can originate an exchange of virtual goods through simple commands such as !trade kitty x for kitty y.

Once the order is approved (webapp/metamask), our discord bot serves as the relayer, injecting the maker-approved trading pair (kitty x for kitty y) into the Discord chat interface.

The taker can fill the order easily by clicking on the unique URL for the trading pair, completing the exchange of kitty x for kitty y.

The discord bot requires no permissions other than to read/send text. It does not store sensitive data of any kind. It can be deployed to any discord channel through the click of a button.


Version 1 is a proof-of-concept built for the Coinlist/0x hackathon, testing for the hypothesis that current Dapp users (all 15,000 of them at time of writing) will want to use this to facilitate trades of NFTs as they compared sword sizes.

The need arises from the fact that non-fungible token values are subjective to a certain extent, so the buyer and seller must perform price discovery (i.e. negotiate) before a transaction can occur.

Ultimately, because this type of technology and convenience is tied to and powered by the Ethereum blockchain, would users want a feature like this?

This is a volunteer collaboration between Javiera Craig, Dillon Kellar, Michael Friedrich, and Andy Zhu.

Special thanks to Alex Vasquez and our technical advisor.

Post Mortem

Thanks to 0x for the recognition.

Finally, if you like cat memes, here is our take:

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Andy Zhu

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Andy Zhu

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