Cooking is the Best Therapy for Product Managers

I am a quite busy product manager – I work on an application for 2 platform parallel, usually 10 hours a day. I use the general product management methods, work with 7 people closely and 40 others in adhoc basis. My inbox is never empty and the backlog never ends.

From Monday to Friday I’m constantly thinking about how we should do our job better, how we can find the best solution for our users’ problems more effectively and create more value. At Friday evenings, I’m usually very tired and I feel that I couldn’t finish everything I wanted.

In the last few months I discovered that cooking is the best therapy after an exhausting week, and here is why:

  • You know your audience and their needs
  • You discover and solve your target's problems pretty quickly
  • You can achieve a valuable result in a few hours
  • Testing is easy and modifications can happen on the fly
  • User feedback arrives immediately
  • You, and only you are responsible for the whole discovery and delivery process, no dependencies
  • Specification is defined in advance, usually by someone else (cookbooks are my best friends!)
  • Backlog is cleared up at the same time when you start cooking

After a successful lunch or dinner I prepared, I feel energized, relaxed and happy. Best life hack ever.