Disgruntled Ex-Vet

The story of triple amputee Senior Airman Brian Kolfage Jr, severely injured in a rocket attack in Iraq, is one of tragedy and redemption. His personal website and Facebook page tell the story of his courage with the help of soft-focus pictures of his photogenic family.

But that’s only the first page of Google results. Scroll a bit, and you find…paranoia and resentment. In 2013 he saw a reduction in his veteran benefits of about $100/= a month, which appears to have been caused by bureaucratic incompetence. But he blamed it on Obama: the theory being that he was personally…

There are right-wing fake news websites, and then there are pro-Trump fake news websites. Granted, in this era of a completely Trumpified Republican party, the difference may seem negligible; nevertheless, it is real. TruthFeed is one of the latter kind.

Back when TruthFeed came out of the gate in March 2016, Manafort had just been appointed campaign chairman, and Trump was battling Ted Cruz for the Republican nomination. TruthFeed threw its weight behind Trump. …

Some tools to help figure out who owns a website domain. This is the website address, such as ‘something.com’.

Who Is (https://www.whois.com/)

This is the first level of inquiry to find who has registered a domain. If a website owner has nothing to hide, their ‘Who Is’ record will be open and they will not have paid extra to keep it secret. There might be 3 names recorded: the administrative contact, the technical contact, and the registrant. For instance, I am the registered owner at ‘TheOddPantry.com’ and Ellen Herb at the New York Times Company is the administrative contact of ‘NYTimes.com’. …

Garden? More like an infestation.

When I recently heard that Facebook had deleted 470 accounts that it determined were fake, I had to laugh. The infestation of fakes on Facebook is so large that it is as though a nest of termites have eaten up the floorboards under the rug. Deleting 470 is like stamping on the few stragglers that wander out from under it.

In fact, fakes on Facebook are easy to find, particularly in Facebook’s thriving Trumpland. …

Donald Trump, then host of the NBC television reality series ‘The Apprentice’, poses with characters Shrek, Curious George, The Mummy and Frankenstein at a casting call for the sixth season of ‘The Apprentice’ at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles March 10, 2006. ( REUTERS/FRED PROUSER)

Some mornings I wake up gripped with anxiety about our eroding democracy. Other mornings, I relish the absurd set of characters that Trumpworld has brought to us.

Trump himself, as a character, is worthy of much rueful contemplation. A salesman who became president by pitching insults and fraudulent promises, given to covering his walls in gold and emblazoning his name on buildings for payment, he is the narcissistic parent whose chaos determines what the entire nation will be talking about that day.

While he appears completely amoral, he does, in fact, use a moral measuring tape on others. Whoever aids…

Source: FT.com

What a strange time it has been. On the one hand it is clear that Russia has some kind of illicit hold on President Trump’s mind or his fortunes or both. On the other hand the mainstream media has bent over backwards to give Trump the benefit of the doubt even amidst the flurry of incriminating reports, while his flacks in the right-wing media insist that the Trump-Russia story is a hoax and that the investigations should be dropped.

Rather than being a hoax, the central mystery of Trump’s Russia connection has never satisfactorily been explained. One, why do so…

Vladimir Putin, drawing by John Springs

This is a very particular kind of Kremlinology: an account of Russian officials who have died (in a couple instances, almost died) in odd circumstances since the US Presidential election of 2016. By no means do I claim that these events are all related to the Trump-Russia scandal: some of them may be no more scandalous than an early death caused by too much vodka. …

Here is a link to the article: http://www.city-journal.org/html/real-war-science-14782.html

Overall, I agree with the article, though I have a lot of critiques.

  1. Since the universities have very few conservatives, the Right’s war on science doesn’t work its way through the universities, as the article assumes. Instead, it shows itself in attempting to teach creationism in schools, or in government, when people who have a vested interest in promoting fossil fuels come into power.
  2. Agree that both sides are prone to cherry pick research to support their viewpoint.
  3. It is true that most scientists tend to be Democrats but this is a…

“Such a nasty woman,” Donald Trump intoned down into his mike, referring to his opponent Hillary Clinton during the last Presidential debate of 2016. The election cycle has had such drama, such an odd cast of characters, that it wasn’t until that moment that many (including me) realized with a shock that the likely first woman President of the US had been pit against a rank misogynist, creating a moment of such stark contrast that it instantly entered history.

As a plot device, this is obvious to the point of absurdity. Manichean contrasts are often used in novels and movies…

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