Parted ways with someone dear?

You have a role to play in each life you touch, as you walk this road of life. Like all well-written plays, this one also comes to an end.

It may not end with a big flourish every time, but whenever someone takes the left fork and you take the right one on a road, be:-

  • Proud: of how you’ve contributed to their life (all of which you may not know)
  • Strong: because like all good things, this relationship has come to an end.
  • Grateful: for all the opportunities she/he gave you, to learn from their experiences.

You say it’s painful?

The sharp twinges of pain are your mind lusting behind the familiar face and the soothing voice. They are your mind being afraid of the unknown gap that will remain when this person goes away from your life.

Be happy, for this gap could only have been created by the absence of moments that were really meaningful.

The harder it stings, the more justice you did to the time you spent with him/her, and the prouder you should be.