The Importance of a back-up plan

I recently came across this “piece of advice” from a controversially successful Founder CEO:

(credits: Stanford GSB. I do not own this image)

I can appreciate where these words are coming from. Be so good at what you’re going to do that success is almost guaranteed, is what you will see if you scratch the surface of that quote a little.

But does that really undermine the importance of a back-up plan?

I think it is very wise to think of plans B, C, D and E, if plan A fails for any reason. Over and over again, Mr. Murphy has commanded respect from me. Things have gone wrong - things I never expected could go wrong, and then things that I never knew could go wrong.

Who likes to be caught with their pants down? No one.

CEOs, leaders, entrepreneurs - they often make such bold statements.

I am not sure if they are trying to inspire others. Or if delivering such statements is a positive reinforcement mechanism for these folks who are caught in as uncertain situations as can exist.

(who knows anything about what business decisions to make for tomorrow? past performance is never a reliable predictor of future performance)

To anyone who’s inspired by such bold statements that CEOs often make, let this be known that these are often delivered on the back of reliable, strong people - the safety nets.

If anything were to start going south, it would fall right in their safety nets. These folks - the unglamorous side of any organization or team, are the unsung heroes.

Let’s make ourselves demonstrably worthy of weaving such safety nets before we put our bets.

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