How I bypassed Facebook’s Linkshim Protection.

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Hope You All are Doing Great. This is a Writeup on How I Bypassed the Linkshim Protection of Facebook.

What is LinkShim?

How Does it Work?

That was a Brief detail about Link Shim. 
So Link Shim is basically a Tool or a System which is used for Redirection Purposes and takes 2 Parameters as Mentioned above which are:

  1. The Redirect URL (Domain where you’re Going to be Redirected).
  2. A Specific Hash (A Hash Generated for a specific domain you’re trying to visit).

But if you wanna read more about Linkshim, Here’s a Detailed writeup on it.

So when I was testing it, something that caught my attention was that the Server wasn’t Validating the Hash. I managed to change the URL to another site without changing the Hash and it Worked.

For example:

The Url was something like:

I have shortened the URL so that you could understand it better.

Now u is the Domain and h is the Hash.
So what I did, I simply changed the u (Domain) to another Domain without changing the Hash and It just Got Redirected.

Here’s a Video on it:

So I didn’t waste my Time and Reported it to Facebook and Got this Reply.

So that was a False Positive. No Problem.

But wait they said that Feel Free to test Linkshim against a URL belonging to a known malicious website, such as

Now this was a Challenge. I did the whole process again and pasted the Malicious URL as Following:

But Unfortunately, I got this:

So that was the issue. I tried different methods to Bypass this But all in Vain.
And Suddenly One of My recent Bypasses Came into My Mind.
I gave it a Try and Fortunatley it Worked and the Linkshim was Bypassed.

Here’s the Bypass:

I went to and shortened the URL which was and got something like When I implemented it on the Vulnerable URL I was able to redirect to the

Here’s a Video On it:

I was Like:

I was Very Happy But Unfortunatley Redirects are Not Accepted By Facebook.

I Hope you Enjoyed the Writeup. If I’ve made a Mistake Somewhere Kindly Rectify it.

Special Thanks to All the Leets who Shares

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Anees Khan