Baby steps towards learning

This is an incident from Abdul Sattar Edhi’s autobiography. Once Edhi Sb saw an injured man in bazaar. Immediately he goes back to home and brought some clothes, food, a blanket and mattress for him. He didn’t ask him many questions about him and helped him. Next morning the man was healed. Then he started bringing food for him on daily basis and spent most of his time with him. He was a good person. He taught Edhi Sb many good lessons like humanity is biggest religion and told him true meaning of charity. Then one day that man disappeared and never came back. Edhi Sb looked for him everywhere but couldn’t find him. Edhi Sb became sad but never forgot his teachings and implemented them in his life. I was very impressed by how Edhi Sb helped him without any personal interest and never thought ant less of that man due to his condition. I learnt that we should help others without expecting anything in return. Although if we are not very rich we should use all possible resources to help humanity.

I chose two things to do in my justStart project where I have to do such an activity which I have always wanted to do. First one was learning how to stitch. I wanted to learn stitching because my mother would always say that I should know the basics of it and to save stitching cost. I have been planning to do it in every summer holidays since 2 years but due to other activities in life I would ignore it by thinking it is not that important task and no one was ready to teach me every day for 1–2 hours. Second task was to start saying prayer. I wanted to do it as it is my basic religious obligation. I was never able to make it a permanent part of my life in past. I would start it after 3–4 months enthusiasm. Then I start making excuse that my routine is very tough, I don’t have time right now or I will start it during vacations but the main problem was my laziness and non-persistency.

In order to learn stitching I had to convince my sister to teach me as she has a job so it was difficult to convince her and I have to take out 1 hour daily for this. It was totally a new task for me so it was a bit difficult. The biggest challenge I faced was my own self. I am a lazy person and to do extra task in routine was a big change for me. I learned from that task if you just start a thing and not think about it very much. Just start it, soon you will get interested and it will be no more a hard thing for me. I will try to be persistent on saying prayer and to become an expert in stitching as I liked to do it.