What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying operates through digital devices and the internet, it is also known as online bullying. in simple, cyberbullying is online harassment, when someone harasses you by passing mean comments on your social media accounts, which cause you embarrassment and humiliation. Everyone wants privacy of his/her personal data/information (saved in your social media accounts or digital devices), and they don't want to share with anyone.

Different Types of Cyber Bullying

These days cyberbullying is disturbing almost everyone, no one out there who can say, he doesn’t worry about his online privacy. Some of the most usual cyber bullyings are as listed:

How to avoid Cyberbullying

When you are dealing with kind of online stuffs, either it’s your social media accounts or digital devices, You can’t play the game only under your rules, but yes! you may play safely and can avoid bullying.



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