Just when you think you have nothing left to give — give more.

I’m going to fess up here — doing three hours of yoga a day is seriously challenging me.

As is my normal habit I’ve bitten off way more than I think I can chew and both my body and mind is feeling the increased intensity.

But a promise is a promise. And ultimately I have made a promise to YOU to up my game, to collapse the timeline of manifesting my certification and doing whatever the hell it takes.

I’m not planning to go back on my word no matter how much my muscles ache or my mind wants to slip away into sweet slumber.

So it was that I found myself in class number three yesterday afternoon. My body was dripping sweat and stars were periodically flying in front of my eyes. All I wanted to do the entire time is to collapse into Shavasana (corpse pose) and lie there like the living dead.

I didn’t.

Each time the teacher instructed the next pose I would shake my head, dig a little deeper, take a huge breath and move into the fucking pose. And held. And held. All the time craving Shavasana.

Then an interesting thing happened for me.

Around 45 minutes into the class I told myself to remember why I was here.

I’m not here just to move from one posture to the next dammit. I’m here to become the best goddamn yoga teacher this side of the equator. That’s going to take a hell of a lot more than just holding plank.

It’s going to take focus, dedication and mindful practice.

Why do I want to be the best teacher?

Because my tribe needs me to step up and guide them on a whole new and exciting journey where I combine body and mind into a powerful unit to release long held trauma and bullshit from the body, unleashing the power of the mind so they can have extraordinary results in their lives.

That’s ultimately why I’m standing here in Warrior One with trembling thighs, screaming shoulders and arms, stinging salt sweat dripping into my eye making me blink furiously.

So I hold on to that and I hold mindfully.

As the connection is made my teacher gives the instruction “Okay, lie on your backs, legs apart, arms away from the body and relax in Shavasana”.


Always choices.

I get up.

I put my head on the floor and I do headstand for the entire time that the rest of the class sleeps.


Next level Baby.

Another glass ceiling shattered.

There is an interesting dance that happens between your thoughts and your muscles. A dance where one starts humming a melody and the other puts in the words. If the melody is upbeat and powerful, the words are uplifting and strengthening. When the melody is soppy and sad, the words will always spiral you down into a pity party of epic proportions.

Here’s the thing though — at any given time YOU can change the tune!

In my head it normally sounds like “Stop your shit Anel. Harden The Fuck Up. Remember why you started and go next level. NOW!”

I’m not saying that your voice has to sound the same Darling, but you have to start becoming aware of that voice and you have to start choosing the words that are floating around you.

The only way to get to this level of mindfulness is to practice it again and again and again. To find some supportive tools that gets you in the habit of becoming aware and choosing.

Lately I have upped my journaling to between one and three hours a day!! I’m finding the instant transformation addictive and it’s showing in my actions and my results.

Whenever I find there’s a slump in my energy I simply sit down and start asking myself what’s going on here? What has shifted out of alignment that has me feeling this way? That’s because I’ve made the decision that my normal is a pumping, driven, inspired kick-ass high achiever and anything else is a sign that something has gone haywire.

Then I write whatever comes up for me and look at it with intrigue and genuine interest.

Then I get to choose.

I start with “Everything that I write down is true in my physical reality” and I start writing affirmations like there’s no tomorrow. EVERYTHING that I want to be, do, have, eat, think, say, experience — I write them down as if they already are because I know on an energetic level they are.

Try it.

I’m finding that the shift in energy happens so fast in my body that it literally feels as if someone has switched a heater on in my tummy! I’ve even started sweating just from journaling in the last few days.

I’m instantly more energized and taking way more action than I thought was possible for me in a day. My results have sky rocketed. I no longer feel the desire to ‘relax’ because every time I write down my true life I am shifted into my next level energy and I have access to everything that she does.

And Anel 2.0 does three hours of yoga finishing off with a headstand.

Where are you feeling sluggish in your life or even day? Have you sat down and investigated what’s really happening for you and what the gift of learning is? Are you choosing to take control of your thoughts and transform your beliefs? Are you dancing to the beat of your drum with abandon and joy?

This love letter is for YOU to become aware, to choose empowering tools and to step into your next level self in super fast speed.

Because as always death is inevitable, but thriving is a choice I pray you make.

With all my love,

Your stretched out yogi

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