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Health is an important aspect that we need to take action on. When people think about being healthy they assume that it’s all about dietary requirements and not the combination of physical exercise and monitoring what you may eat.

When looking at Australia as a nation, it is part of the ever so growing population of obesity and overweight rates not far behind from America being the world’s ‘Fattest’ nation. Statistics show that almost 2 in 3 Australian adults are overweight or obese which is the equivalent to a 63% rate. Children and Young people are mainly distracted by the over use of technology which does have a contributing factor in terms of maintaining a healthy life.

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Healthy living is an important aspect that needs to be focused upon not just nationally but in small communities as well. Looking at Australia as a whole we have an increasing number on overweight and obese citizens. As seen in statistics from the Australia Bureau of Statistics; The Health Survey.

This is an alarming concern that should be acted upon. The Australian government should have a campaign and promote the necessity of a healthy life to the people and also help with communities that may need funding on installation of exercise equipment’s in hopes of making a social change within the community.

As keeping a healthy life style also includes regular exercising, it is time that local communities that don’t already have the exercise equipment’s start to invest on having equipment’s on all of their local parks and play grounds.


One of the local communities such as Campbelltown does need a social change in terms of installing more exercise equipment’s on all the communities’ parks.

Campbelltown is a small suburb situated in western Sydney region. In Campbelltown there is only one park that has Gym equipment installed in it and that park is situated at Park central. Park central is a new developed area within Campbelltown region, with the public and private hospital, restaurants and retirement homes all situated within the one area.

The inclusion of the exercise equipment’s at park centrals playing ground has seen major improvements as more people actually do use the equipment installed and retirers often go there as it is accessible and daily exercise contributes to longer life expectancy.

30minutes of daily exercise whether it be running or walking can help improve and combat issues such as obesity and other diseases caused by being overweight. The more time spent doing vigorous exercises the lower the risk of death at a young age. This is why Campbelltown council should consider on installing more exercise equipment’s in all parks in Campbelltown such as the often used parks like Koshigaya Park and Mawson Park.

Campbelltown Council IMAGE- google
Mawson Park

Koshigaya Park Playground and Mawson Park(below)

Both these parks are in the main parts of Campbelltown where most children coming from school or the library or adults coming from work normally walk past or take as break at these parks.

The social change needed for the Campbelltown community is for the implementation of more gym equipment in recreational parks such as the Koshigaya Park which is at the corner of Camden road and Hurley Street in Campbelltown and Mawson Park situated near Queen Street.

With the installation of these gym equipment’s at this parks can help with the recommended 30 minute daily exercise. Children and young adults will be able to exercise at the park not only will the park help with exercising but it can be a way of bringing people together as it can be made into something fun and it’s also joined with a park meaning that people aren’t just stuck with the gym equipment.

The daily 30minute exercise has been recommended by many doctors and physicians as it can help towards keeping a healthy life style and also reduce health risks.

Scholars say that a 30minute daily exercise can also assist in additional weight loss benefits. With people working out less they are left with more energy to continue on through the day.


To see if people had a view or agreed on the need for a social change. I decided to write a question on twitter on whether or not Campbelltown should get more of these exercise equipment’s in all parks.

The question; Should Campbelltown have more gym equipment for parks?@anelisa14

If the council does implement these changes it would make a difference within the community and the members as most people pay for gym membership each month which detracts people away from physical exercise as they have to pay to use the gym.


Physical Exercise as seen comes with a lot of benefits to it, as a result should be the reason as to why there is a need for more Exercise Equipment’s installed at these two parks in Campbelltown. The equipment’s will assist in maintaining a healthier and more active community.


Campbelltown Council Image- Park central

These equipment's provide an opportunity to exercise and be keep fit outdoors for free.

The different types of equipment’s that can be installed range from static equipment for chin up, sit-ups and step-up, and to interactive and movable equipment such as the rowing and stepping machines that have a cardio and resistance features.

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In Campbelltown’s park central an exclusive Macarthur region suburb has been installed with the gym equipment’s that have been seen to be a valuable investment for the suburb. Park central has a mixed population with retirement homes and family households all living in the one area. The reason behind the council installing the exercise equipment’s at the park was to promote a healthier lifestyle especially for the old aged. Statistics from the abs adults spent an average of 33 minutes per day doing physical activity and on a few adults were spending an hour or more per day on average exercise which was 20% of adults.

With almost 30% of the adult populations reporting more than 5 hours of sedentary leisure activity each day. Looking at the statistics on the amount of time spent on sedentary leisure some may argue that it’s not a bad thing but then while people sit down and do nothing it will lead to serious health complication issues such as diabetes and heart attaches.

The importance of health and Physical Activity

The significance of consistent physical activity to the health and well being of adults is well recognized and consists of reducing the threat of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and different forms of cancer. Furthermore Physical activity is an important element for achieving and maintain a healthy lifestyle that will help in the reduction of being overweight and lessen the rate of obesity.

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