Anemoic o70617

Today I gotta be real with you. I am breaking up with you. No I do not have another boyfriend nor do I love another. It is just that i do not hurt those I care about. I just love you too damn much. I want to set you free, I want you to prosper. I do not want the world to reduce you, to just looks like they have me. I hurt thinking you undergoing what I undergo. They will call you ugly. Or something, anything relating to an unpleasantness. It is going to kill you every morning. I have decided to leave you, through bitterness and pain. I have decided to live the rest of my life without you. Because I am ALWAYS clawing my way to the good side of the standards of being dateable. Being pretty, feminine & submissive enough to entice the male specie. This has resulted in me becoming hybrid, of ugly and society. Simply, an Alien and we all know aliens never fit in. So I need to get my mind off everything. I need to dress up, be differently beautiful, bask in the sun in Mauritius and eat with chop sticks in Seoul, I need success and young looking skin. Today I become selfish, I do not have the strength to hold this relationship and my sanity intact. Starting now, I chase my dreams, if you love me like you claim to; find me. Till then. Bye.

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