Moments 060617

Lately, I have been thinking of a July Meru dawn. No it is not a brick light sunrise welcomed with the chirping of birds. Instead it is almost white with fog and distant hazes of tree silhouettes. Steamy windows on looking to hanging lines with droplets of showers. The occasional orange headlights of a vehicle as it steadily rages on the by-pass near the Meru cathedral dodging traffic I guess. The creepy pitter patter of children hurrying to Meru Primary just past the Estate. I sort of like this weather, I find I wake up early and sit by the window and just enjoy the framed scene. Not the Daises though, it is too cold for them judging from the curled up whites. I draw a heart on the steam gathering on the panes and watch as it trickles down, I guess that is how a heart break feels like a ruined masterpiece. The grass is a healthy green from two consecutive rainy nights. I look to where Brotherhood is. You wouldn’t guess there’s a neighbourhood in the seemingly impenetrable mist. I wonder if my best friend is up, I look forward to her mail. Such a loser I am! I smell tea made with a mother’s love. She is preparing to go to work. I can almost feel how my much she wants to go back to bed, but she loves her babies so she must. Growing up at Angaine was a beautiful experience.

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