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Some time ago, the economist and Nobel laureate, Paul Krugman, say that Bitcoin and Blockchain takes us back 300 years into monetary evolution. As a result, it stops all bad attributes.

A significant basis for Mr. Krugman’s argument is that the US dollar has value because men with guns say it has.

Bitcoin and Blockchain are erasing 300 years of monetary evolution?

Running with the metaphor that the fundamental change of an economic mechanism represents «evolution», I think that a more accurate statement is that Bitcoin and Blockchain do not cancel the lessons of history. …

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Balance is a very ancient theme, present from the beginning in every philosophy. According to Chinese thought everything is divided between the yin (black) and the yang (white), and represents a balance, a fluid and mysterious dosage of these two components.

When the bridges collapse something has gone wrong, the dosage of yin and yang is busted but the balance I’m talking about is not what the construction engineers are looking for, abstruse calculations or stability tests.

The balance of which I speak is that of an economic system in which the money managed by central banks is printed only to pay the state debts and keep the states afloat for the sole purpose of saving large investment funds that hold government bonds, and, mockery of hoax, are the same funds that also manage the motorway companies, and this is the result. The current economic system is too far from the «road» the bridges feeling their distance collapse! We are not just talking about the Morandi bridge, since 2011 it has been a succession of events. These events are a clear signal, like the temperature indicator in the car. The time comes to stop. A motorist, with a well-functioning engine, puts the water back and continues the journey. The fault is not of Morandi we speak of a bridge of 50 years, it takes a costly continuous maintenance. We Italians know how to do things well, for bridges and tunnels we are still required in the world. Here one must realize that it makes no sense to put water to walk a little longer. Just yesterday, the head of entitled «the Greek tragedy ended, the euro returns to balance» Reference to a possible strong eurozone inflation following the cut of the QE, a bit like saying that in the car we will go forward without water ... …


Fernando Tozzi

Passionate about Blockchain and revolutionary economy. Founder : AWB Ltd Dindicash ICO (money revolution)

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