A new “Medium” for the blog


If you have read this blog sometime ago, you’ll know that I have found growing an audience or readership, not the easiest of tasks I have ever been faced with.

I have researched a great amount of posts on the web, offering advice (and sometimes paid assistance) in order to get subscribers, comments etc.

It’s all been rather futile to be honest.

I simply don’t “get it” it seems.


My blog is also part of the Bloglovin’ network and I have had a few people follow there.

When I really look in the mirror and see what I really want to achieve with both my vlog and blog, well, it seems destined to be a hobby.

Trying to turn it into anything else is a bit too “pie in the sky”.

I am not defeatist, rather attempting to be a realist.

So, what to do?

I am going to post what appeals to me rather than anyone else, and, if people like it, follow, subscribe, comment, etc then fine.

If that happens I will be over the moon. If not then that’s cool too.

I have recently been looking at medium.com.

It seems to be a place that might be replacing traditional blogging.

To that end I have loaded a plugin that will auto post from my Wordpress base “An Englishman in the Balkans” blog.

Maybe that will expose what I like to post about, to a wider readership.

Let’s sit back and wait and see.

A new “Medium” for the blog