He hears the sound of opera in his Washington heights apartment. Heading down the stairs, he stops on the floor where the soundwaves increase. KNOck knock knk. The singing ceases. Tap tap squeak tap. A puzzled face opens with the 10-layer-paint door which yields alas. “what a lovely sound.” He yaunts. “oh.” She looks down at her feet, cheeks pinken. “that’s very kind of you/” in a foreign accent. “so pleasant to make your acquaintance. have a nice day.” He emits as he walks on with his day.

(singing in his head on the A train downtown) “I make a living, telling people what they want to he-ear..” what a beautiful melody, he thinks, as the realization manifests that, he too, makes pay by the same faction. I know that may not be the right word..

‘oh what was the medoly of that song?’ she says in a japan accent. “how can I knOw?” he refutes, then goes back to watching the squirrels as they chase each other in the maple trees, and more impressive than that of the crouching tigers. Though heard from sound of the action, was a thud. “you okay buddy?” he said in his brain.

Over and over and over was the song playing in his inner ear as he lay in bed trying to zzz’s. all the thoughts of what lay ahead, mixed in with the tune on separate frequencies. Also were some regrets, a couple of guilts and A FRrustration. A wonderful day he had planned. And so much at stake with inlaws & the law-laws. It is what is taught to you. You live the belief systems of those imposed on you. If it were so easy to let go of them at will, then I willed! Here comes that hook.

Such a catchy hook.

Hummers buzz. Beep their defense. Dragonflies awake as that summer dew swims in. the weeds, slow at growth to his eye, manifest a very rapid pace, comparatively in the laws that govern nature. Song birds oui and vibrate air in tones which he can-not. An apple Drops like a microphone. The squirrel dangles on the edge of the princess tree as their seeds jingle. Generator. Rav4 buzzes by. “what a beautiful sound it WAS.”

The beauty of now and now and now…./should put solar pack next to window/….and now and now, now, now. Endless love is now, now, now, now, now /chopping onions,/ breathing in, breathing out, now, now now, I lay silently now, and now. I am a giver and receiver of love right in this very moment. The moment is still here. Bad judgement about another person…absorbed and transformed by the love that is now, and now. Reoccurring guilt from the past, not powerful enough to overcome the love that is here and now. All opposing negative energy that exhausts you, are receiving that light right now, and now. Nothing in existence is quite like now and now and now…..and now. Infinite abundance can be found right now. And now. Mastery of thoughts and feelings are only attained right now, and now. Before for the next thought train runs away with your attention, remember you can always come back to now and now. There is a door that nothing can shut, right NOW