So far yet too close

My city never looked so beautiful to me. I had never experienced rains like this before. My city made me feel alive.

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.” Rains are the same everywhere. Yet it has an oddity in how we feel. People are the same everywhere. Yet there’s a difference in each one.

Whenever I ask people about what makes them enjoy rains so much; they say it’s because we’re in love, they say it’s because when we see up in the sky, we feel grateful for this life. For me the fun was the smell of the wet sand, the jumps in the puddle of water and the hot-crispy ‘dalwadas’ my mom makes! Never had I known the emotion people feel during rains.

You feel good in rains because you feel your pain is being washed away. You feel refreshed and rejoiced. I’ve seen my friends putting statuses and photos of rains and I wonder what strong emotion there is behind or is it just because you think it’s cool to talk about something which is amazing? I can totally relate this to songs! Just because you can sing the song, does it mean you know the meaning behind it? Lyricists might not mean what you thought he meant. You just feel the song so close to your heart and you listen to it and sing it. Yet its meaning may be so far than what you thought.

When we talk of love, a feeling that you think is far beyond what you think you are feeling. Take a step back. You’re so close to the one you love. So far yet so close! Whenever it rains, I feel I’m in love and where there’s love, there’s beauty; I sing and I get lost in thoughts. Love, Rain and Music spiritually and emotionally makes us feel good and close to ourselves more than to others.

The time you feel you’re not worth anything, you think the goal is so far to be reached; please make sure you feel close to the journey.

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