Then you wrote about a story so close to my heart and actually let me know some of the reasons why…
Kango chete

Hi Kango — the Kobo store and device is a good self-publishing option. I’m considering it myself. There is also and the FundZa mobi platform that publishes stories in chapters for mobile readers even on feature phones. The electronic options are varied.

There is a LOT of rubbish self-published work (because you’re right about the formula; elves, sword & sorcery etc.and any fan fiction writer thinks they can pull it off), but occasionally I come across a decent read that could be better with editing. (I’m an editor.) I am passionate about speculative fiction decolonising (not just diversifying) and offer my services at negotiable rates to prospective self-publishers to polish and guide their work. I am a lifelong speculative fiction reader and partly because of this problem with publishing have only just begun to read black writers and of course the stories have greater impact. As much as I like Lauren Beukes’s writing, it has more novelty value from trying to slip into another skin than actually never being able to slip out of our skin. If we want to read it, we have to write it.

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