Reasons to hire certified anesthesiology coders

There was a time when medical coding was a simple job. When paper trolleys trundled across hallways and technology was for upstart, young physicians who were glued to their phones. But that was the healthcare space of yesterday and it is quickly disappearing over the horizon. The industry is now in a remarkably active place of tech enabled solutions, integrations and value based business models.

Medical practices that do not roll with the changes will have to go off the grid. That is the arithmetic. But most healthcare organizations still follow antiquated ways of working. Like, working with medical coders who don’t hold specialty specific certifications. Especially, in a specialty like anesthesiology where medical coding is incredibly complicated.

Here are 6 major reasons why your medical coder needs specialty specific certification

  1. To eliminate anesthesiology coding inefficiencies
    2. Minimize coding related denials
    3. Abstract information more accurately
    4. Report qualifying circumstances meticulously
    5. Calculate time for anesthesia services
    6. Coding for medically directed anesthesia services

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