Be Memorable on your First Date and she is yours. “The Power of Surprise”.

There are plenty of stories and numerous articles that state the secret recipe or else the 10 steps that will make her chasing you and eventually what we call “yours”.

As Sami MoA once said:

Give me six months and I can make almost any woman fall in love with me!

Since every person is different, it is very obvious that no secret story can guarantee you the success. But, what if from a psychology point of view if only you reach a certain point then eventually she will be yours? Or additionally we could say that 90% she will be really into you.

Specifically, I would like to share with you, something that I have realized the past years. The power of SURPRISE!

How does it work? (simple steps):

  • Find something that she will probably like.
  • This “something” has to be a moment / a place/ an animal(pet) / a story/ a theatrical show / a restaurant / an actual thing / any kind of food etc.
  • With the use of that “something” you have to be memorable to her.
  • After having completed the “something-task”, pretend that nothing happened.
  • Play it cool and keep on the conversation or whatever activity you might be doing with her that time.

Finally, the moment you are about to give your goodbye kiss or handshake walk away like this:

For me, this “something” was the Kinder Surprise Egg. Childish … right? Total failure… #not. Try to guess the reasons why this gesture might actually work.

… do you want the answer? If yes (proceed and scroll down) →

To start with. It is fucking Kinder Surprise! She cannot hate Kinder Chocolates. And if she does, she is just not for you. Run away before it gets any more serious than that. Furthermore, imagine when it was the last time that your potential girlfriend ate a Kinder Surprise Egg. Hmmm, let me think… If she is an above the “normal person” probably she has not eaten a chocolate egg since she was 13 years old. So do the math and you will realize that instantly you will become memorable to her. You will not be that guy who just bought her a beer or a fancy expensive dinner at a restaurant.

Even more, there is plenty of space available for you to be a little bit more playful during this “gift-surprise”. For instance you could text her roughly one day before you go on a date, the following:

Are you ready for tomorrow? I got you a surprise…

or else at the time when you two meet each other on the spot,

you could tell her that you got a surprise for her and for that she needs to close her eyes (that is my favorite actually) and open her hand. You can be as playful and picky as you want. For instance if she does not seem to trust you a lot, tell her to relax and close her eyes saying to her first that “Oh my god! With what kind of people are you hanging out with?” Trust me etc…

Why should you pretend that nothing happened (like it is not a big deal)? By playing it cool instantly after a kind-funny gesture makes every person going crazy. And by “crazy” I mean, just because it was something unexpected for her eventually her mind will go crazy and you will be one more step closer to make her yours on the first date.

Why walking away like having an explosion behind you? Because Hollywood has many reasons. And it is awesome. Remember! You do not play at a Sandra Bullock’s movie. Do not turn your head back (to watch her for one last time) when you walk away! Never!

Regardless the technique you will use, the important lesson is only one. Make yourself memorable on the first date and you will not regret it. Make her to call her best friend, after your date ends, and recite your whole date as “amazing”, or even to be excited to her friends for your sweet / sexy gesture.

Mix it up! Do whatever comes in your mind. Try different things. Use your brain more and your muscles less. Cause mind-fuck is just as important for a woman especially on the first date.

Never Settle,

Anestis Tsoukalis

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