New Year’s Eve Depression

Happy New Year everybody! Yoo hoooooo! The time period where you meet all these people (Family-Relatives mostly) that you used to avoid for the rest of the year, except of course … XMAS! okay …. ohh god … you think, not another New Year’s Eve hater …

To tell you the truth, I do not really hate this period. The only thing I disgust is the way people treat each other and you can see it! Look at them! It is f*cking fake. Phony after phony XMAS after XMAS. Happy faces all around that carry depression inside. Happy instagram stories all around the world singing the respective club music-songs. That must be sick!

So why the hell if everybody is happy and everybody is outside having tremendous FUN at nightclubs packed like shrimps in small or huge overcrowded building … why the hell most of the people feel depressed and unfullfilled this New Year’s Eve day?

Why nobody can stay alone that day? Why is it bad to sleep alone this particular day? Why is it bad to NOT invite your relatives at your house party? I mean … those people who you don’t want to hang out with, those respective people who you avoid them for the whole YEAR.

It is just another day (said the “hater”), but still not treated like a normal day by the majority. You MUST have fun this day. You MUST drink a lot! You MUST kiss a girl. You MUST have sex. You MUST have children in your friends house. Otherwise you feel as you are left behind in the evolution, having to compare your life with your friends’ one.

Instagram — Facebook every kind of Social Media + FUN do NOT go together! If you are constantly of even for a moment on your god damn phone, then YOU are NOT having the ultimate fun! Don’t tell me that when you live crazy moments and feel into the zone, the only thing you want to do is to unlock your smartphone and take a selfie. Shit … no WAY!

To sum up, I strongly believe that people feel kind of depressed that day because they have HIGH expectations which is combined with narrow time and space limit. That time is limited … it is just a night and the space around you is limited as well. Everybody is OUT! Double prices everywhere, reservations only and people walking around you and having drunk FUN as crazy. WoW! We have a SUPERIOR HUMAN BEING here …! No … I do not want to think like that, but at least … be aware that it is just a day like any other day! Do not try to have the MOST FUN! Just enjoy yourself … go and do whatever the f*ck you want! Sit at home and watch movies. Masturbate all night long … play video games … go out and take instagram stories.

Do it! But if you are honest with yourself … what your are going to do in New Year’s Eve, you should do it at least twice a week. Otherwise … it is not who you are … it is a person who is pressured to HAVE mainstream fun.

Chiao …

Anestis Tsoukalis