Faces of war

I met Hasan, Nidal, Amani og baby Anisa in February in Jordan. They are refugee children from Syria, and they live with their mom and dad in a flat in a suburb to Amman. When they first came to Jordan four years ago fleeing the war in Syria, they stayed for two weeks in a big refugee camp in Jordan. The camp was far out in the desert, and it was terribly hot and a dangerous place to stay for children and women.

So one day a Jordanian friend came and said to the camp ward that he would take care of the family, and he promised to find them a place to live outside the camp.

That was how their dad got his job as a tailor in Muhammeds small shop in Amman. As a Syrian refugee their dad is not allowed to work, so all the time he is afraid of the police coming to catch him. Once they did, and he stayed in prison for two days.

Though their dad works twelve hours a day, he only earns very little, and the family is very, very poor, but still they are happy, he has got the job, so they do not have to stay in the camp.

Hasan goes to school every afternoon, otherwise he stays all day with his mom and Nidal and Amani and Anisa in the flat. Their parents can not afford buying any toys, and their mom would like to take them to the nearby playground, but it costs money to go there, so they do not go.

-Our lives have become very miserable, Hasan, Nidal, Amani and Anisas mom said to me, when I visited them in the flat.

-In Syria we had a good life and I hope we can go back soon.