Letter of Resignation from the Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commission
Kate Vershov Downing

i see. and how much did you wedding cost? $20k i think is the going average? if you took that, then you each took out a loan against your 401k ($50k apiece)… and maybe cashed out some company stock or dipped into savings, you would have had a nice 20% on a house (and then some). this seems more like an “inability to budget while spending $ on frivolous things” than an “all hope is lost because I can’t afford to live where i really want to.” so now your FOMO has turned into YAMO (You Already Missed Out) because you didn’t strike while the iron was hot (which i approximate to be no later than 2014 given your budget and insistence on living in White Towns Only), and these feelings have manifested themselves in this temper tantrum of a “resignation.”

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