Kyle MacDonald — Yes, I certainly could buy a home in East Palo Alto.
Kate Vershov Downing

nobody’s advocating gentrification. believe it or not, there are people who live east of 101, who have seen their home values increase 800%, and would love nothing more than to cash out and take their winnings to retirement. you’re trying to make it sound like you moving to EPA would be displacing people of color to the degree that that’s happening in SF. it’s totally not. if anything, the town is becoming more diverse, which everyone there agrees is a good thing (you would know this if you actually talked to them).

here’s what i’m reading between the lines: “i have no problems moving over the hill because that’s better than living in EPA; i’ll just ignore the fact that the reason i use for not moving to EPA is totally going to happen to SC (especially because i’ve broadcasted this to the world as a viable exit strategy). the commute back & forth will be majorly inconvenient compared to commuting from EPA, but at least i’ll feel safe enough in SC to start pumping out kids there (which totally won’t exacerbate the whole ‘way too many people in the region’ problem or anything).”