Your privacy is under attack from several terrifying new laws
Quincy Larson

Once again I feel far more informed due to your superb writing abilities or just my prime pairing. I see you guys have the fact of snooping being brought to the surface as we across the pond in the USA did to some of our socks; not to my own, for I saw the abuse back when I read the patriot act. I you all may be finding new branches of alphabet agencies you never knew existed. I cannot explain how deep the rabbit hole goes, butEd Snowmen brought confused and clueless people into the light, dim out may still be.

The hidden events unknown have taken place on our countries during my 34 years alive are keen to be in a blockbuster series and a very successful one at that. The accountability bug is hitting lawmakers and I feel we are two nations with patriots pulling us away from a governance system that is something to truly despise. studying up on the MEP positions and the malarky in Brussels makes me proud to have Britain so so Great as an ally we on Texas firmly appreciate as does the rest of the USA. all should be proud of Brexit and watch what is coming to light as if it is a new creation. This upcoming scene had the characters staging, or shalli say marching, some time now. The end result should be different oh hope, but I just want everyone to remember historical footage when they see the shine eagle statue the Dutch are ceremonially marching with since their military so swiftly annexed...

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