Have you ever worried about sending the same pitch or press release to the same journalist when you were doing bulk sending? With the new Contacts to exclude feature in Pitch, the problem is fixed.

You just need to click Contacts to exclude in the Choose recipients step, and select the pitches to exclude their recipients from your current pitch. The recipients of those selected pitches then won’t receive your current pitch.

Pitch AI now recognizes 20 languages. You can enter your press release in any of the following 20 languages to discover relevant media contacts that are most likely to cover your story:

Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

You can try the feature for free here: https://anewstip.com/pitch/

Pitch AI is a feature that recommends relevant media who are most likely to view your press release based on your content. Some early users are seeing more than 50% boost for open rates and 200%+ increase for relevant media outreach.

We launched JOINT.PRESS in November 2017 in an effort to make it easy for people to collaborate on running PR campaigns. While the product has a loyal following, over the years the usage has declined, and we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products. So, on July 1, 2020, we will retire JOINT.PRESS. Users can export their data before this scheduled date. After July 1, 2020, the website will no longer be accessible.

The media lists exported from your JOINT.PRESS can be uploaded to Anewstip.com by preparing the files according to the Anewstip template. Please refer to this Anewstip document for more information: https://anewstip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010331873-How-do-I-upload-an-existing-media-list-from-my-computer-

Thank you again for using JOINT.PRESS.

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We have just released a new feature called “Warnings” to help you keep your media list up to date and clean.

If our system detects a contact in your list that has some problem and needs attention, the contact will appear in the “Warnings” tab on the same list. The list of problems that our system can detect is growing, but at the first stage, we’ll gradually release support for these problems:

  • The contact is removed from Anewstip database. There are many reasons that a contact may be removed from our database, for example, the contact is no longer a…

We’ve just released a new little feature today that allows you to sort the contacts in your media list. You can sort contacts in your list by date added or name. Pretty simple and it just works.

At Anewstip our daily work is focused on solving one problem: how to make PR professionals more productive. Some of the thinking is reflected in our latest updates. We are calling the current released version Anewstip 2. In this post I’m going to highlight some of the new features and improvements.

Significantly improved data quality

It can be really frustrating to only find the contact details in your list are outdated after hours of research. This is why we have invested most of the resources in making sure the data is as much up to date as possible. …

Search note is a feature that saves search result (tweet or news article) to it’s corresponding media contact in a media list.

With the new search note feature, when you add a media contact to a media list from the tweet search or news articles search, the relevant search result will also be saved. View the screenshot below to have a quick look.

Screenshot: Anewstip search notes in a media list

There are two kinds of search notes: Tweet search note and news articles search note. When you add a contact to a list from Tweet search, the relevant tweet (the tweet, date, and original link) is saved…

You need pitch points to send email pitches to media contacts one by one or in bulk. One pitch point allows you to send one email pitch to one recipient. The same pitch sent to multiple recipients would cost multiple pitch points. The Pro plans already come with hundreds of pitch points per month (200/month for Pro, 600/month for Pro Plus), but if you are pitching harder, you can always purchase more via this link: http://anewstip.com/plans/pitch_points/.

Screenshot: purchase more pitch points

The pitch points you purchased here would never expire as long as you have an active Anewstip account.


Anewstip helps entrepreneurs, PR professionals and marketers connect with relevant media influentials. www.anewstip.com

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