Remember why you added a media contact to a media list with search note

Search note is a feature that saves search result (tweet or news article) to it’s corresponding media contact in a media list.

With the new search note feature, when you add a media contact to a media list from the tweet search or news articles search, the relevant search result will also be saved. View the screenshot below to have a quick look.

Screenshot: Anewstip search notes in a media list

There are two kinds of search notes: Tweet search note and news articles search note. When you add a contact to a list from Tweet search, the relevant tweet (the tweet, date, and original link) is saved. And, when you add the contact from news articles search, the relevant news article (the title, link, date, summary) is saved.

Search note can be deleted by clicking the trash button next to it.

We hope the search note feature can help you remember why you added a contact to a list. And more importantly, we hope it can help you craft more relevant and personalized pitches.

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