we all have got that lesson we had to learn

all of us are ever changing, we still find ourselves learning things we never knew we would.

I am terrified of the changes of the world, and of the imminent arrival of the end of time.

in this ever changing world, life will be much harder, pure happiness could never be found ever again, and as for our journey in life, it will be filled with flagrance, and sorrows. but one must not lose hope, though the trials of life are not like what we expect them to be, they too, are ever changing. but life is beautiful, because even if the sun had already set on the east, it’s still up in the west. and the oceans are forever alive, and as for the saccharine colours of the clouds, they too, are ever changing.

I am oblivious of the inevitable occurrence of things in the future, but with all my heart, I truly believe that one day, all of the hurt, hatred and sorrows will turn to ecstasy, and that all that’s lost will be sought and found.

some pain are permanent, and deep, but believe me when I say that it’ll all fade in distant memory.

they will become invisible memories.

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