a heartfelt letter

life is impermanent, so is love —but it will be remembered.

I, with all my heart —am ecstatic.

for years you’ve journeyed on, and sought for a lifelong love, a person whom you’ll share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true and goals that will never be achieved.

I want you and my mum to seize life —seize everything it has to offer, including the tears, the anger and loss, but most of all, the laughter and the love. because in a blink of an eye this could all end, time is fleeting and life is fickle, and no one, not me or anyone I knew, had another day, let alone another second promised to them.

may this love last for ever and ever and ever and ever.

“soon enough the days will close over their lives, the grass will grow over their graves, until their story is just an unvisited headstone.”

with love, cheers!!

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