bizarre epiphanies

as a kid I was chagrined about the fact that I don’t have a father like the others, but as I approach my succeeding years, I began to realise that life is better without him. I mean, it could be, for the reason that my mom wouldn’t suffer working and having sleepless nights. but on the contrary, if he ever was a part of our lives now, the world would be different and I wouldn’t want that. my mom taught us that it’s a matter of being content with what you have, and so I’m immensely grateful to have an open mind, because millions of people still can’t quite see the beauty of life and its impermanence. if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have this good heart, and even though she’s worlds away from us, she never worries about such circumstance for she gave us the promise of the world.

I’m sorry for not responding instantaneously, and for this bizarre epiphany. how’s your trip? apparently, my mom had fun. she longed to go to the UK for years and now that she’s there makes me so ecstatic. her messages to me are all about how beautiful that country is, and wishes that we were there with her.

tell her I love her.

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