Making Micro-Learning Part of Our Daily Operations (And Corporate Training)

Micro-learning is not a perfect solution to corporate training yet, but it could be used effectively as part of a blended learning strategy. With any topic that we want to train learners on in a corporate setting, there is a certain amount of fundamental knowledge. Once that fundamental knowledge is integrated into long term memory as a form of foundation, learners can easily scaffold additional knowledge (and even skills) to reinforce the learning.

Micro-learning can easily help learners integrate and retain that foundational knowledge without the need for additional training.

We have found some exciting ways that micro-learning could be applied to enhance retention and utilisation in corporate training. Here are some of the ideas:

New Employee Onboarding

Every corporation has a long list of corporate and industry acronyms, and it’s important that new hires are able to quickly familiarise themselves with these information. Micro-learning will play an important role in this strategy.

Important Regularly Updated Knowledge

Integrated micro-learning could traditional notification obsolete. The advantage of spaced repetition design through micro-learning could also ensure the knowledge is firmly placed in long term memory.

Process Reinforcement

It is difficult for individuals to embrace new processes when they are exposed to the process once in a classroom and then expected to follow it. Where business processes are system based, micro-learning could be used to prompt the user and reinforce their understanding and execution.

Staff Engagement Tool

In businesses where the workforce have large geographical footprint, micro-learning experiences can be included such as briefing, information and key learning points followed by a 1–2 question quiz to ensure promote learning and engagement.

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Originally published at on April 4, 2017.

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