Is HE Joining, is HE Leaving?

Coutinho, Vardy, Ibrahimovic, what’s happening at the EPL…

A busy week with so many stories about the different clubs at the Premier League transfer targets with a few that seem to be true. This article is not to add to the speculation.

Coutinho: what would happen at LFC without him?

I can only start with talking about our little magician from Rio. The speculations has been high, especially with the likes of Dani Alves budged in to make it sound even more true.

On the first thought, this does not seem reasonable for a couple of reasons, the main reason being that the little magician is not stupid to leave Anfield this early with a new manager in town, and a clear idea of his part in the club’s new plan. We’ve seen how well he’s been with Klopp and despite so many people discussing his dipping form, on the contrary, he’s been getting better if you compare it to his form in the 2014/15 season. On the other side would be how much is Klopp willing to give up on Phil’s services without a fight? I doubt that and so does everyone, our options aren’t high considering Klopp’s cautious history and trends in the transfer market, he won’t be looking to give up on the ones he knows can help him out the way he wants, which Coutinho is one who’s been a regular since the German’s arrival to Merseyside.

But what happens if he actually leaves LFC?

Well, we would have to stick to someone who is less capable and less talented: Adam Lallana. Oh yes I said it. Adam is a great talent, but here’s what I think of when I say less talented; a 28 year old still can’t average what a 23 year old is doing, so you take a wild guess who’s better? Here is the complete numbers since 2014/15.

Vardy: where does this guy want to end up?

He hasn’t got much time on his hands, this guy took one season to reach what other players took 5 or 6 years to get to, or never did. He’s 29 years old, and already made it and won the league, but will he be moving to Arsenal?

Not only because he wants it, but it’s more that him becoming a star now neither Ranieri, nor the the Asian owners of Leicester City FC can keep up with his demands any longer. It’s time for him to score the big cash and people at Arsenal can surely deliver that. Arsene Wenger has been told this is his last season with the Gunners if he doesn’t deliver outstanding results on both the domestic and the European level, you know, something the fans have been asking a lot for.

So, why not go on a spending frenzy and make sure to get someone who proves his worth and doesn’t need any improving neither on the mental or skill levels. Vardy is just the right man Arsene needs to save his next season, and if it doesn’t work out in the first three or four months, there will still be a chance for his early departure and that’s when all the fun begins again on who will be replacing him, which I suspect will most probably be the case if he doesn’t stick to the first position in the table from the first month, after all, if he could have done it in the last 17 years he would’ve done it already.

Clubs don’t choose Zlatan, Zlatan chooses clubs!

Yes he does, we all know that. Zlatan is quite unique in every way there is, his quick rise to being a star, and his dip to the Ligue 1, yes a dip, because we all know what a s*** of a league it is especially if someone like PSG taking control with all money can buy and they still call it a competition when mid-season, the difference between PSG and AS Monaco, the first and second at the time was exactly 20 points.

Let’s not get much into what Ligue 1 is all about, Zlatan is leaving PSG and you can guess where he goes next. Just remember what Mourinho said last season when PSG and Chelsea met at the quarter final of the UEFA Champions League for the second time in a row:

I think he has to be where he is happy, and if he’s happy in Paris then he has to stay. But at the same time I think it’s a pity for him when he finishes his career and he played in the most important countries in the world of football, and won the most important championships in the world of football, but he didn’t play in the best league in the world and never won the best league in the world. That’s a pity.

José has dreamed of a reunion with the “old” Swede (yes old, he’s 34 years old now) and this is a chance for him to guarantee the man’s services as he joins a club who’s not cheap when it comes to weekly wages, we can only wish that Zlatan doesn’t spend his season the same way Falcao spent it with Mourinho, do you recall how that ended up?

worrying don’t you think so?

That’s all I have to say about the speculations happening this week and would really not like to see any of the three of those players leave or not come to the EPL. We only have to wait and see how it goes down.

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