Hey there, you’ve reached a girl in Canada. She’s currently looking southbound with horror. — Too strong a word for some to deal with right now. Not strong enough for others.

As soon as I heard Trump was running for president there wasn’t a doubt in my mind he’d win. When I found out it was him vs Hillary I was even more certain. Yet I was hopeful for a different outcome, ever the optimist I am.

I thought, maybe this was the only way the US would vote for a woman, to have her run against a babbling monkey. Yet I could see despite myself that she was shit too.

I tried to imagine how I would vote if I had that weight on my shoulders. If I had to live with which box I checked. When it was Trudeau vs Harper it was easy. Vote against corruption and rascism with one choice! All you compromise on is age? Lack of experience? Possible bias? Meh not so bad, we can deal with those things because other people support him in office. He doesn’t have to know everything. I sure as heck can’t tell what policies are the best so I can’t use that to make judgment. His message is the right direction for the country. His message is good. His message is a reflection of the collective Canadian.

So I see the choice between Trump and Hillary more clearly now. The choice was about compromise. Which did you feel your country could better handle? Rascism or corruption? Well seems like half of America is fearful that they won’t overcome rascism, or that they will relapse into their atrocious history (our shit stinks too). The other half feels the weight and impossibility of progressing while political corruption persists. Those people perhaps think that racism, sexism, etc aren’t so bad and easier to deal with, afterall slavery was abolished once and look where Hillaty got herself? What a thought.

The only good that has come out of the election was some much needed self reflection for the most self aborbed country on Earth. Take a good look at each other. You’re all running scared. You’re either struggling because of corruption or discrimination Maybe its time to put the guns down eh? Psh what am I saying! Guns dont contribute to corruption and discrimination, that’s outrageous! Money is more dangerous.

Good luck America.


A Canadian onlooker