A Hackathon

When I think of hackathon. I think of trying to pick the lock of a door. Ok so thought redirected, and I imagine the smart group of high schoolers changing their grades. No, still off. Hackathon- is another version of a productive, entertaining, informative learning opportunity to connect with others. Imagine wildly, and create. To pretend there are solutions to the problems we have and then to collaborate with others to fix them. What this Hackathon really is the ability to co create, become effective with the technologies that allow for creation. They are swarming with talent, and typically well catered.

I attended my first this past weekend. it’s another story… But my overall take away, is that STEM is solution focused, problem solving and collaborative and it just might be the solution we have been looking for. I personally can’t wait until we look back on the day when women in technology was sparse and we are proud of the changes that happen in humanity as a result of women embracing technology.