Women in tech

So… It’s the latest rage being female and even finding interest in tech. Tech for a long time has been dominated by men. Today there is all sort of incentive for women to become involved in the new meduim that will direct our next generation of information. I’ve listened to the call. I moved to Seattle darts on a map at the time about a decade of experience in behavioral health. I had largely focused on flexible jobs where I didn’t have to report to an office. This resulted in a lot of experience working with the type of kid that gets involved with tech. I found that these kids all had behavior patterns the were similar. I found myself always found myself working with the challenging intelligent and creative youngsters. Or I found that part of the kids I worked with, because it is the easily championed. I noticed a trend that kids who were bright get bored, and that the kids I was working with had a relationship with their technology. I for years fought that. I thought, and read, and had all sorts of issues with “ screen time”. Professionally, technology became a motivation. This changed my perspective on technology to start to notice, as previous I was, and at times consider myself the last cowboy if for some reason I am not connected. However, with out this firefight over screen time and with accessibility and immersion, exposure nurtured with play, movement and curiosity, I changed my idea about education. My thoughts on how to reach the highly precocious, extra challenging youngster crowd changed drastically. As a clueless mom, I have decided just to immerse in this information age and learn as much as possible. This, my journey into the world of Women of Stem is curious, inventive and inspiring.