Not-So-Fun-Facts of Fructose

Okay. So, high fructose corn syrup…I know you’ve heard it’s bad for you. But, it’s not a “I should cut back to one cup of coffee instead of two” kind of bad. It’s a “mass epidemic of diabetes and obesity costing billions in health care” kind of bad. Why?

Bottom line:

It’s not regulated in the body and it goes STRAIGHT. TO. FAT. (pretty much). No checkpoints. Nothing in the body says, “Hey, don’t we have too much of that already?!?!” Nothing says, “Maybe we should slow this down a bit.” This is a biochemical FACT. But, what about insulin and glucagon? Nope, not regulated by that either.

We have not evolved to handle lots of fructose in our diet, yet we consume it now by liters and grams…daily in sodas, pancake syrup, some ketchups, even microwave pancakes (check the labels y’all). It’s in everything. Seriously, check your nutrition labels.

Think of that.…going straight to fat unchecked. I mean if someone said, “Hey, drink this liter of lard.” You probably wouldn’t do it, so don’t. Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I think this stuff exists for basic supply and demand reasons. It’s cheap to supply and people buy it. If we stop demanding it, they’ll stop supplying it. Period.

What about good old-fashioned sucrose (sugar), you ask?

It’s actually better for you than fructose. For reals. Don’t get me wrong, it goes to fat too…like…a lot. But, it’s REGULATED. There are processes in your body that actually say, “Whoa, partner! Didn’t we just do…a lot? Somebody tell the mouth to shut it, please.” And then the sugar processing bosses make everyone take a break. It’s sort of like the sugar in your body has to go through a rigorous vetting process now to get through at the same time when everyone went on break.

Now, fat has it’s own problems…besides the obvious waist expanding ones.

Did you know that adipose (fat) tissue makes estrogen? Ever wonder where man-boobs come from? Yep. Estrogen…made from fat. Too much estrogen in women can mess up the cycle and fertility, too. Also, too much fat, fructose and sugar make the body work overtime constantly trying to process all of that damn glucose and fructose. After a while, the body gets tired and stops working so damn hard all of the time. This is what happens in Type II Diabetes. Your body just says, “Meh. If the boss expects us to work this hard all of the time, we’re going to assume that this is the new normal and slow back down. I’m not going to kill myself over it. ” (Oh the irony.) Which can lead to all kinds of bad things when uncontrolled, like loss of vision, loss of limbs, kidney failure, etc. Not cool. Don’t die.

So, put down the high fructose corn syrup sodas and ketchup. Keep your eyeballs and limbs. Reduce the healthcare cost crisis and don’t die. And, if you really NEED a soda…pick one with real sugar instead…just one. Give your body a break.

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