Five Days in Santorini and Mykonos Part 1

Day1,2 in Santorini

Day3,4 in Mykonos

Day5 in Athens


When : May 2015


How long: 5 days


Weather:Just like summer in Seattle. It’s warm under the sunshine, but it’s might be cold after sunset. It’s better to wear pants and T-shirt with coat.



Day 1 Athens→ Day 2,3 Santorini→Day 4,5 Mykonos


It was a first short holidays about one week in Tubingen. A imagine fantasy of Aegean Sea just stuck in my mind since childhood. Even if there’s no one going with me, I still want to go. It’s my first solo trip. I lied to my Dad that there would be someone go with me and booked the flight ticket.


May 23nd


From Paris to Athens by plane

從市區進城搭X95巴士,班次很密集也很方便,我搭到ETHNIKIS AMINAS,大概40分鐘就到了,單程6歐,網站:有完整路線圖。機場也有WIFI可以使用,甚至有免費列印的服務(有些廉價機票都一定要帶紙本)。

I took bus from the airport to ETHNIKIS AMINAS about 40 mins, costing 6 Euro. It’s very convenience and frequent. There is a website: for complete information. There is free wifi in Athens Airport and free print. (Some cheap flight needs the printed ticket prepared.)

Where I stayed: Kalamon, Athens



When I arrive in Athens is almost evening. Where I stayed is near a bus stop. Because of the cheap flight I need to go to airport in the early morning.

Address in Athens was hard to read. Greece is totally different from English. I met a Taiwanese guy on the way to the hostel. He is a travel agent boss and told me that always be careful when I am alone in Athens. Meeting Taiwanese aboard is always impressed me.

Where I lived in Athens From airbnb website


Souvlaki:2–3euro From goolge search

住宿是在Airbnb上面找的,獨立房間和別人共用衛浴,一晚不超過一千塊。離住的地方不遠處,有家巧克力餅乾店Chocolab,對面的街角有 Souvlaki店,外面的皮厚厚的,裡面包牛或豬肉、薯條、蔬菜,加上沙拉醬,很便宜,不會超過3歐,我吃一個就會飽了。

I stayed in a single room and shared bathroom searching by Airbnb. It only cost 30 Euro per night. There’s a chocolate cookies shop, called Chooclab and a Souvlaki shop near around. Souvlaki is a classic Greek food with beef or pork, fries, tomato and salad rolled by a pita. It’s just least than 3 Euro.


May 24th


From Athens to Santorini by plane about 67 Euro


I also took X95 to Airport. I was waiting at the bus stop about quarter past four. It’s little scared to walk alone on the street.

廉價機票通常都有限制重量,我訂的是Ryanair,限制七公斤,所以把部分的行李寄放在住宿地,打算最後一天返回雅典的時候回來拿,最後去機場其實也沒有秤行李,甚至連櫃檯Check in都沒有,帶著紙本票就入關了。

There are always weight limits for baggages, so I kept part of my stuffs in where I lived and took them back on the last day back to Athens. When I arrived airport, there’s not check for the weight of baggages even no check-in for flight ticket.

From google search
The center of Santorini is Fira where all buses start from. If you don’t want to rent a car, it’s better to stay near Fira. The bus tables are :, also would be posted on the bus stop. The fare depends on the route, e.g. 1.6, 1.8 or 2 Euro.

到了之後就先去 Hotel Olympia飯店Check in,我去的時候不是旅遊旺季,雙人房兩晚才50歐,而且離Fira步行不到10分鐘,只是花了一點時間找(好像還和警察問路)。照片看起來太陽很大,但其實氣溫大概20度吧!

I stayed in Hotel Olympia for two nights, only costing 50 Euro. It’s just a ten-minute walk from here to Fira, but it’s kind of hard to find. It looks sunny in the picture, actually about 68oF.


It cost 30 mins from Fira to Oia. The classic image of Greece, the coastline with blue and white houses, is in Oia. The sunset is also well-known. Here is the way to the popular blue roof church:


There’re many local shops here. I spent all day long in Oia till the sunset. But the sunset here wasn’t as gorgeous as I thought, I like the sunset in Croatia better.


There are cable cars to down to somewhere near the sea. But what really made me impressed is riding the dunkey upslope.


May 25th


I went to two well-known beach in Santorini: Red Beach and Black Beach. As a person who born and bred in the island, beach is not special to me.

I had my lunch here. The worst part of solo trip is that you always need to selfie.

Writing postcards on the Black Beach. Always Souvlaki for my meals.


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