Five Days in Santorini and Mykonos Part 2

Day1,2 in Santorini

Day5 in Athens


May 26th

搭船從聖托里尼到米克諾斯: 70歐,從Seajets官網訂,訂票流程很簡單!

From Santorini to Mykonos by boat: 70Euro, from Seajet website

From [JTR]Thira (Santorini) to [JMK]Mykonos and choose the date

And just follow the sign, it’s pretty easy!

我在Mykonos兩晚住在Hotel Milena,總共80歐,有免費接送,但要提早和他們連絡。我記得我好像晚了將近一個小時才到,飯店人員拿著小牌子來接我說,一個小時已經算是好的了XD

I stayed in Hotel Milena in Mykonos, costing 80 Euro. There’s free pick-up, if you told them in advance. I was an hour late in Mykonos, but the hotel stuff told me that an hour late means on time here.

From google seatrch
Chora是Mykonos的中心,也是住宿離這裡越近越好,這間飯店離Chora步行大概15分鐘。推薦一家Dina’s room,離市中心更近,價格更便宜。
It’s better to stay near Chora, the center of Mykonos. It took 15 minutes’ walk from Hotel Milena to Chora. I recommend the other hotel called Dina’s room which is nearer to the center and even cheaper.
Bus table


After check-in, I went to Chora, the center. On the way back to hotel, I met a Hong Kong girl who major in hotel management as an exchange student in France and as a intern the other island in Greece. She was on short break, having the solo trip also. Cause we had a great talk, we decided to have fun together in Mykonos.


May 27th

Spend all day long in Chora
The most famous stuff in Mykonos are Five windmills and Seafood rice


May 28th

我們先搭公車去Platy Gialos,再買船票(忘了多少錢)去Super Paradise。再說一次XD生為一個在島國長大的居民,這裡的沙灘真的很普通!

We took bus to Platy Giaos and took the boat(forgeting about the price) to Super Paradise. AGAIN! As a person who born and bred in the island, beach is not special to me.

Platy Gialos


We talked a lot on the boat, e.g. jobs, life plan, ideal soul mate… all kind of topics. You said that you really enjoy traveling. If it’s possible, you want to work a while and travel a while. You really like the definition of romances by Lin Qingxuan: roll the time and maintain getting old slowly. (It’s much better to explain is Chinese lol )

Super Paradise



We just met two days ago, but just like knowing each others for a long time. I think that maybe it’s too hard to meet each others next time so we can speak all of our thinking out. Maybe it’s the meaning of traveling to me: meet some else, meet myself, roll the time, maintain getting old slowly.



Between Santorini and Mykonos, I like Santorini better. If I have chance to Greece next time, maybe I won’t go to Mykonos!


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