The 5 Pillars of Mindfulness

Podcast linked below.

I get a lot of questions when it comes to mindfulness, especially: What’s the difference between manifestation and mindfulness?

As I explain in a recent podcast interview (linked here), my definition of mindfulness is: truly living in the moment. While meditation is a practice (ideally daily), mindfulness is a way of life.

My 5 Pillars of Mindfulness are (in order):

  1. Awareness
  2. Non-Judgement (of self, others, and circumstances)
  3. Acceptance
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Peace

All of these pillars work together and, by working through each of them, is how I developed a mindfulness / mental fitness / manifestation coaching program that changed my life and many others.

As an example: last year I went through a horrendous family law issue where my child and I were treated with absolute injustice, ignorance, and flat-out malice. It completely blew up my world and broke my heart, leaving me to sink into a deep depression for longer than I’d like to admit…I even missed my own rehearsal dinner for my wedding!

However, after some time and deep diving into my soul, I had to decide: am I going to let this kill me? Or will I look at it as a learning lesson, accept it, and level-up? I’ll be honest, I went back and forth for some time. I didn’t know how I could live with such unbelievable unfairness. Thankfully I have a wonderful support team behind the veil who work in magical ways, always matching me with a mentor, just when I need it, who can help me level-up during a difficult time.

What saved my life was my shaman who both healed me in her office with shamanic tools and then also coached me through a mental fitness program called Positive Intelligence. It’s based on neuroscience and, for 6 weeks, I intensively worked on my “saboteurs” and Judge, learning how to quiet them while increasing the strength of my “sage” brain (which is where we hold emotions such as empathy).

Through an assessment (which is the first thing I have my coaching clients fill out), I figured out my top 3 saboteurs and became acutely aware of them for 6 weeks, working to stop them in their tracks with tools such as intercepting, improving self-command, and more. I loved this program so much that I went through it a second time and now I’m a mental fitness coach myself.

Something else I learned in this program was to find the “gift” and the lesson during hard times, withholding judgment as to whether it was “good” or “bad.” It just was…therefore, this is where acceptance came in. It took me longer than I had hoped to find the “good” in the excruciating family law failure, but it finally came and, with it, came peace.

The forgiveness step was the hardest in this particular situation as I was trusting professionals to handle our case with care and, instead, it was completely mishandled. I also expected more honesty and integrity from the people involved, therefore, when false information was seen as “fact” despite having hard evidence to the contrary, my top saboteurs (Controller, Hyper-Rational, and Hyper-Vigilant) came unglued and took over. However, during my daily meditation, I send love and light to these humans as I know they’re dealing with their own saboteurs and understand there’s a larger plan in place. While I can’t connect the dots looking forward, I know one day, I’ll connect the dots looking back.

Also mentioned in this podcast is how I cleared trauma from PTSD and how it’s crucial to do that before you can begin manifesting from your most powerful place.

**If you’re interested in learning more, I do have a few spots of 1:1 coaching available at this time. You can fill out this form here to get your free assessment and have a free 15 minute call with me to see if we’re a good fit.



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