For more YES!

Specialists, media and other gurus have so much encouraged us to learn to say NO, that saying YES is condemned to extension. I push a bit but here’s my point of view.

I fully agree to launch franc and insured NO when we are a little too much conned, or that we genuinely express it for good personal reasons. But just say NO to say NO, it starts to become sad and silly. I would rather say it leads to too many restrictions to evolve.

Go to a party that seems fishy? YES!

And if we’d force ourselves to say YES?
Try something new? YES!
Watch a movie or start a series that we’re not much into? YES!
Taking a walk while it rains? YES!
An invitation to eat in a restaurant with a not too exciting menu? YES!
Go to a party that seems fishy? YES!
Leave work early for an exhibition? YES!
Read a novel with a not too interesting presentation? YES!
Try a very frightening off training class? YES? AH!

It’s not about forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to or be a people pleaser. But, from time to time, to get out of our own routine, habits, inked ideas are lots of good reasons to. What for? To discover ourselves continually, isn’t it the purpose of life?

Open to things that do not look like us at all, eat food which we never imagined we liked, get up early to go for a morning jog… But not only? Getting to know ourselves and be surprised by ourselves, and the pleasure to have experiences with people that we would not have had the idea of sharing rich moments, more than the scenery around us.

NO is not a gap to reach the possibility to express or assert ourselves. It may also make people flee due to too much NO. While YES, just by saying it, makes smile, get closer and unites. It is a matter of quantity.

I vote for more YES! What about you?


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