What my calendar looks like
Jason Fried

Good proposition for organization Jason, but some people can’t depend on a freestyle agenda. Being organized and having a further vision of the coming week (we do our planning at MasterMINDER Entertainment every Friday since years and we change things every 2/3 months to figure out what works best) helps you to not waste time every morning looking for and/or remembering what you have to do but how you can help yourself this morning to accomplish your goals of the day.

Freelancers can play like that, I think, but when you manage a company and a team, you can’t. Me, I like organization and leave indeed some free spaces here and there for last-minute business meetings, calls, self-brainstormings, naps, reading, watching series/movies (because of my work of course ahah… and pleasure) and else, but productions/post-productions, team meetings, pitches and business development, impossible. My days and head will be so messy.

Organizing a weekly planning with regular things to absolutely do help you also to have straight priorities Jason (some PR these days like so much to invite your for events the day before… I say no most of the time otherwise, they’ll get used to it) and be better prepared for the day and the next day. But here again, depends on the business you handle and your position.