Summer Attitude. Why Not It Keeping All Year Round?

Took this beautiful picture somewhere, without credits. If you recognize your picture, please holla for me to credit it.

You have noticed how the minds and bodies change when the warm weather period is around, right? Thoughts are lighter, our brain more disposed to all kinds of adventures as much less stubborn. Our face is brighter, our body is more relaxed, more open, more inclined to leisure, to the conscience of accomplished actions, because our our time is less busy in search of productivity.

But why should we wait for the summer to let the process take over us? Why this attitude of anything is possible is invited only 2 to 3 months in the year? Why is it only that moment that the mankind is much more aware of the half with whom he shares his life, the family he’s blessed with, what he accomplished during the 9 to 10 remaining months of the year, allows himself to exchange much more with his conscience and takes the risk to change course on its way of life and success?

Time, that’s just it. The one we are willing to agree. Instead of running after all the trains that we’ve put in train station and those we missed- or we think to miss-, summer is the time when the whole world (of course, depending on the continental zones) takes the pace of moderation. It’s almost like a global bond that no one can escape. Sensing this, we agree without regret or brake to get along with our heart beat, our breathing, shameless of the other’s gaze who chose (or not) to stay in the office. And this freedom is the “much expected” annual leave that allows humans to find their humanity and of entering into communion with the other.

What a pity, for many of us, that we should wait for the summer for this universal movement to proceed.

Let’s keep this behavior in mind beyond the holidays, let’s write our seasonal habits to remember them when we get back in town, when the industrial life tends to quickly take control- that because we have given it the control.

Let’s remember that there is no reason that only sunny days, short outfits, vegetation backgrounds and green blue water remind us what it means to LIVE.

Otherwise, let’s change of life instead of searching all our life balance.

Happy holidays to all and let’s not forget!

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