This Is Why Men Still Rule The World

The France CEO of Le Pain Quotidien and Hilton Paris Opera, talking about their collaboration.

I hear and read a lot of women, as industries, say that men have more possibilities than women, men can act some ways while women can’t, blablabla. But whose fault it is?

I produce and host different radio shows on our MM RADIO package for our website Our guests are CEOs, artists, writers, startupers of different industries, from technology to fashion, from music to beauty. And I gotta admit, I’m pretty disappointed of women’s actions throughout my life of entrepreneurs. I’m a witness of why men still rule the world so far- and why most of my friends are men. Beyoncé, you’re singing wrong.

When we invite men to talk about their business, their company, their industry, they don’t think much, they only see the opportunity, they’re ready to come the next day. When we invite women… oh my God, it’s a different business. They take triple time to think (for weeks) and before saying yes, ask if they’ll have pictures or videos (of course, it’s internet!), what can they say and not say, if they can receive the questions first to get prepared (we say no!), and more stupid stuff, I’m telling you. Oh, and when we invite men through women PR, it’s the worst, like if they were the guest invited.

David Derrida, Europe Product Manager of Blackberry, on the Lunch Show to introduce the new smartphone Priv.

Let me tell you two stories to prove it.
The first one happened a week ago. We invited the cofounder of a startup (I wanted to post the link of the show when they came here, but out of respect for them, I’m just going to post the link of our radio show) to come and talk about their platform/app in development and their business. 
The Lunch Show is a lifestyle news radio show where we invite creative minds from any industry to talk about their business, creation, launch, products, and events. But especially, the production was built for that people get to know the ones behind the business, the products, and get more interested in knowing and following their company.

I hope they fired her since. Not because I’m pissed, but because she’s going to cause more trouble to their business, and people only learn when something bad happen to them. Tell me I’m wrong.

The day of the show, their (supposed to be) PR (anyone now can describe themselves as a PR while they don’t even know what the job is…) of the startup called me 30 minutes before the show… no sorry, text me 30 minutes before the show to let me know that her client cannot come because of a personal issue (his daughter was sick). We totally understood it, but what pissed me off is, first, is that the PR girl sent me a text message to let me know, and second, that she let us like that without plan B, just “sorry, he can’t make it”. Are you serious woman?
I had to call her and explain her that she’s not serious to act that way when your client can’t “make it” where he’s expected, and threaten her to made her best to make one of the other cofounders come to replace him. — And now you can call me bossy…. Cause I’m a woman and act this way (like any gender will do). But it was that or I had any guest on the show.
And you know what’s funny? Is that she finally made her best to find one of the cofounder to replace the other one, explaining he will make it late cause he’s at the gym (please, remember the reason). So, the whole set is waiting, and the cofounder finally arrives, thinking it was normal to be there. And when I said, sorry for making you stress at the gym (thinking it was already strange for him to work out with a mobile phone on. Anyway…), you know what the guy replied? “Uh no, I wasn’t at the gym, I was sleeping”. Boom ! I looked at her, and said, “she told me that”. And her to answer, “No, no, I didn’t… confusion maybe”. I gave up… I hope they fired her since. Not because I’m pissed, but because she’s going to cause more trouble to them, and people only learn when something bad happen to them. Tell me I’m wrong.

Second example of why I think men still rule the world happened lately.
Again at the Lunch Show and I’m not going to say who, too.
We invited a Marketing Director from X international brand. Everything rolled out super fine on the set. It was by the way one of the most interesting and funnier conversations we had for the show. We usually put on the table new food and drink to discuss about, and make the guest confortable.

Two women guests on the Lunch Show, with food and drink, as usual on our set.

So, it’s the end of the afternoon, mostly everyone is back at home on a Friday, except me like usual. And here I start to receive emails and text messages from the media agency asking me if I can remove a picture from the editorial of the show. I’m like uh no, it’s a rule at Mail Movement Medias to not please every desire of people we interview, especially cause we make our best enough for them to be well represented, from pictures to words. — And let me specify that we don’t rework their words either, we keep it real (please, remember that too). So, I go back on the editorial to check out the pictures (we never know, my team might have been tired by the end of the week), but I see nothing wrong. The PR worked hard on me for me to change it, and I explained him I can’t, in addition because we didn’t have a lot of pictures, all the best ones are there.
- Let me explain the reason of this request. The pictures are all fine, and the lady is seriously beautiful on them. The wrong thing is regarding her image, the fact that she’s smiling on the picture with a drink in her hand. Wait, it’s not alcohol drink, it’s organic soda (we don’t drink on the set and rarely my team).
He insisted and I ask him to tell her client to call me for explanation. He gave me finally her number for me to call her (hmmmmm) and that’s what I did. She apologized first for not having called me directly (yes, cause she got my number since years…) and explained the reason of the request: that her international team will have fun of her that she took a day off for a radio show and they will think that she was drinking on the set. My God! 
I explained to her first of all, we can’t publicize alcohol on Internet, that’s basic law. Second, on the radio and on the editorial of it, we specify that it’s soda, an organic drink, and the other guest and my co-host look more drunk on the pictures than her. You know what she said? That I don’t understand her world, cause I’m too much on the Internet and stuff, that they won’t see things like I explain now, and that she doesn’t want her team to have fun of her. Me, thinking logic, I say : first of all, they’re not that stupid, you say they’ll open the editorial, and if they think that you drink, they’ll check out that the drink is really alcohol. She kept on insisting that I’m too much on the Internet… Yea, right.
What was more sad- after having find a solution, changing the first picture at the opening the editorial and putting it at the end of the slideshow- is that she wanted us to change the editorial too. Because of the restranscription of her words, saying it was too textual and not rewritten to make people understand. Sorry, I told her, but it’s just what you said, we don’t rewrite your says to please you and make people understand you. People will get to know you by the way you express yourself. I explained her that it’s so sad that she acts like that, cause she doesn’t assume her presentation to the world and her team, that U.S. people are very cool and used to this type of lifestyle shows, and that the Lunch Show is made for the listeners/readers to know you better, besides the brand your represent, who you are. And to not be in a mold, like all these other shows or business shows, that the Lunch Show is not. She said, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to mess with your work, but you don’t know what I’m going through”, and that her husband (next to her) feels like her. I said, “Listen, I do, I know this industry, I’ve been there and in different parts, but by changing that, you get yourself in the way to impose yourself. Your husband will support you of course, but he doesn’t know our media and he has nothing hence to say. If you use words to make your understand in the audio, people will not read you in a different way and different words in the editorial, this is crazy and not right at all. It’s not us. And how come you haven’t check out and listen to the show before coming?”. She said “I did it fast, but not deep. I’m not used to be on that type of shows, lifestyle shows, maybe I need speech training.” I gave up, she didn’t get it at all. I said to end the conversation, cause I had enough and a lot to do before my weekend “It’s the point of this show, to not be trained before coming, to not read your preparation on papers (believe me, all of these CEOs do, and we never get it, we tell them they won’t need it, cause it’s your job, you live it ; and at the end of the show, they realized they didn’t need it, every damn time!), to be fun and cool, and for the listeners to get to know the brand and you better as a representative, that you’re a cool brand (it is!), but there, you miss it and they’ll miss your message”. She wanted us to also change the fact that we specified in the editorial she liked an artist, like she said in the show. So sad. We didn’t.

Géraud Maréchal, Europe director of fitness brand Lolë, and Serge Duriavig, founder of NightSwapping

Well, women. If you want to be the equal of men. Do like they do. 
They don’t care how people will see them. They dare. They assume who they are, wherever they are. They don’t act, they are, they impose themselves and they’re proud of them and their actions. Don’t think too much, feel your instinct and go for it. When you take too much time to think of a decision, men have already took 5 throughout. 
If you want to lead or/and be a leader, be you, don’t try to change for the world. Change for you. Cause they always misunderstood you anyway.

Sadly, 80% of our guests on MM RADIO are men. Figure out how many they are represented in the media. So this is why men say women are “too complicated”. And I totally get them, seeing it everyday.
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