When These People Who Never Run A Business, Neither One Project, Criticize You When You Look For Your Perfection

It’s fonny how many times in my life I crossed the road of these people- always working for you, not the contrary -who criticized me when I was- and still do for every of my business projects and moves, looking for perfection.

You know what they say- and even yet today? “You Think You’re So Perfect!” That sentence, thrown at my face like to hurt my feelings.
When? Everytime, before that moment happened, I was always taking the time to make them understand why the things they did were wrong and how they could do better.

People who want to learn, you know what they do? What I did and so since my young age, wanted so bad to learn from the best: shut your mouth and learn to try hard for your boss to never catch you doing the same mistake again and for your to learn to be as best as him or her. But sadly, you know what these people answering to you and who will never learn do? They find 10 excuses minimum at each issue while what you only want to is understand, never say “yes, I screwed up, it won’t never happen again / please teach me, or show me how”. Instead, these big egos start first by excuses and then find a way to get personal by finding something on your body, your personality or from your personal life to throw that at your face. And here, we are so far away from their issue we were talking about. They never confront them, they run away from them, hide their eyes and turn deaf ears. They want to get messy. Garbage.

Have you noticed how many times these people do the same mistakes again and again? Never learn.
They’re so blind and deaf by their shame- oh yes believe me, they know it, this is why they insult instead of being angry at themselves -that they don’t progress. A damn shame.
They think they’re so good that they don’t need to learn, while you are there, next to them, trying to reach perfection and be your best. And there, they throw at you “You think you’re so perect!”.

- We don’t talk here about this perfection, so bright, so clean, so fresh, but about working hard to get the best result, the best of you -

You know what? When I was young and used to hear that phrase, I was mad, so mad. Not mad at them, but at myself, thinking it was an insult, that maybe I was so not humble and maybe I was the bad one, doing the wrong thing. This is how they mess with your mind with words and leave you there thinking. Yes, cause people who want to learn, think a lot about their actions, and work hard to correct them and improve themselves. These people don’t, but look only for shrinking people to their level. Easy.

But something changed today. My mind has evolved, and when I heard this famous “You think you’re so perfect!”, my blood seethed with anger, my mind thought for a second and I yelled back, “hell yes I am, and I’m proud of it, cause I work hard to reach it, I represent my business, my business gotta represent perfection, for my clients and guests (I host several radio shows and run a website), for my future money I want to get! Each of my moves got to be perfection, cause I have goals!” Right there, I said those words- like to myself, threw back this stupid sentence that used to be used as an insult to people who like me, work their ass off to reach their goals. And there this person shut her hell out, taking back her perfection insult, realizing at that moment she was the stupid one not looking for her perfection.

To the people who are always insulted with beautiful words turned ugly by stupid people, be proud of it, cause they just prove how far they are from their own goal on the road- well, if they even have one, and will never reach it to be that good as you are looking to be. Yes, big egos, the road is long and tough, turn down your ego and you will get there.

I’m (still working on my) Perfection and I’m pride to be!