Day 3…Is Fried Chicken really that bad?!??!??

So MOST of yesterday was a good day. I HAVE stayed away from sweets which has been a HUGE success, but when it came time for dinner I gave in and had fried chicken. I LOVE King Edwards fried chicken and I told myself that it was okay because it was not anything sweet. But I know that if I want to begin to feel better that I need to stay away from fried foods. SO I shall pick myself up today and get back on course.

It was very hard to get up this am. Alarm went off at 6:30, I crawled out of bed at 7:00. Wondering if that has to do with what I ate last night (which would answer my question above) and my hips were sore. Anywho…I am going to just begin again and hope today is a better day.

By the above memes you can tell that I am still experimenting with my coffee and still not liking it!

It is 10:00 and I am getting ready for bed. I am well aware that the Chinese fried rice I had may not have been such a good choice for dinner, but I am still not eating sweets so I am calling it a win today. I am thinking that the candida supplement plus the fact that I have seriously cut out sugars has caused me a slight infection. I will wait and see come Monday. I am hoping that I am wrong. We will shall see.

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