The Example IS the Problem
Brittany Sneers

She not only uses Cernovich as an example, she illustrates her infernal piece with a US flag made out of horseshoes. How many more ways can she approve the McResistance’s horseshoe theory? How can you “dismantle the propaganda machine” while using propaganda used against the left?

It’s no surprise she dismissed Anoa with that “angry Black woman” trope; Caitlin befriended Debbie Lusignan and Claudia Stauber who believe “reverse racism” is a thing and see no contradiction in, “Claudia: ‘I’m colorblind’/also Claudia: ‘You will be happy to hear that because of you I will stay away from black people!’”

Caitlin, Debbie, and Claudia never discuss how Hillary helped Bill employ Nixon’s Southern Strategy and tough on crime agenda. Maybe they only care about PoC abroad, or maybe they don’t care about Black and Brown lives anywhere, revealing their true objections to US imperialism: it imperils the lives of whites, the first who come to mind when they imagine “the annihilation of all life,” and it brings more immigrants to US shores.

Would they ever team up with the Black girls who jumped Debbie when she was younger? I highly doubt it, and those girls, now grown women, are not even members of some backward terrorist group. Would Cernovich and his ilk even want to collaborate with people they deem genetically and culturally inferior? I can tell you unequivocally we will not join forces with any individuals who dehumanize us, people who hold the mindset of the imperialist and colonizer.

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