A surprising number of people are low-literacy. What that means and how you can design for it.

It’s very important to consider your content from your user’s perspective. Is it written so that your target audience will understand and relate to it?
— Kristina Halvorson

InIn her book Content Strategy for the Web, Kristina Halvorson reminds us to always consider our target audience when writing content. Who…

The responsibility for designing the user experience isn’t just on the team of designers and researchers you’ve hired. If it’s your product, you’re on the team too.  

How often does this happen: you’re a manager (product, marketing or otherwise) who has hired a team to create a product for your customers. You provide the team a list of requirements then leave them to get on with the work of thinking through, prototyping and building…

First you have to understand why people do what they do.

Bruce and Marie are hourly workers on the late shift at a university. Their schedules are planned a few weeks in advance by their employer, a sub-contractor. When next month’s schedule is posted, they decide to swap a shift with each other.

When Bruce shows up for Marie’s shift and…

Angela Colter

Executive Director at 18F

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