Ketchup Sandwiches and Other Things Stupid Poor People Eat
Anastasia Basil

I agree with a LOT of this — I am a child of privilege, and had a wonderful childhood with two stellar parents, yet went through a few years where I needed government assistance, and was fortunate to be able to get it. I know how necessary it is, and I know how many people there are who are WAY worse off than me, who did not have the advantages I had, even when I was poor.

What I disagree with is tarring all conservatives and Christians with the same brush. Yes, there certainly are those who look down their noses at the working poor, but those people are on both sides of the political spectrum, and in all religions. I also see many of the best examples of outreach to the working poor taking place within churches and Christian relief agencies. Compassion is not exclusive to progressives either.

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