Facebook new like buttons are a Survival Lesson for Businesses

Today, if we want to get any updates we all are going through the social media only. This shows how much we addicted to Facebook and other social networks. Now social media is one of the core parts of trending technology. The evolution of technology is bringing some new changes in the social Media. With the new like button, Facebook has already received that change.

Facebook launched its original like button with a star and plus gesture in 2009, after one year that was changed to thumbs up gesture. Facebook announced after launching that gesture, 10,000 web pages are adopting per day. It made major change in the Facebook and its users and made easy for Facebook mobile users too like the posts. But there was no option for disliking the post or expressing the feeling on that post. Yes, Facebook launched new likes buttons that expresses like, love, sad, ha-ha, wow and angry. I think that is very helpful to show our feelings easily through these buttons.

Change is difficult but often essential to survival. Because day by day everything is changing or we can say this as another word update. We need to update our life style every day otherwise it is difficult to survive in this world. “Change is the changing word in the world”.

Let’s discuss how new like buttons of Facebook can be a survival lesson for businesses

Charles Darwin said — “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor is the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

Before Facebook had only one like button now they have emoji’s and it is very helpful for business customers also as nowadays all are promoting their business on Facebook and other social media. Not only business people, we all are updating our day to day life events on Facebook, like that business people also post their updates on Facebook such as article links about their products. If we give reviews through this expressive buttons, no need to comment separately, based on this also business can get popularised, and if they will get good reviews from the users, obviously it leads to profit. So we can improve or promote our business easily. For businesses, it is like survival of the fittest.

We have live example of Nokia Company, Nokia CEO himself, he said we are not losing we are failing to update new things for new generations. This one word only tells everything. Before Android coming, Nokia was the leading one. Nokia was not opened for change, but Android kept on updating, now it is the leading one. It now has a big list of applications. It gave new birth to the mobile app development companies.

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