Why Google Removed Right-Hand Side Ads?

Yes, Google has put an end for showing ads on the right hand side of the desktop search results. Google has made a significant change that removed PPC ads from the right hand side, but Google continued to keep ads at the top and bottom of the page.


The new design will keep showing three ads at the top of the page. But sometimes it can include fourth one for “highly commercial queries”.

Why Google Removed Right-Hand Side Ads?

The entire world is moving towards mobile innovation. More number of people are utilizing their cell phones and tablets to browse the net. Mobile use for web surfing is growing at a faster rate. When one uses Google from the mobile, he can’t see the right-hand side advertisements. Basically, smartphones require a layout to see right hand side ads on the little screen. That’s why, right-hand side ads were not working. This is the main reason for Google to remove right hand side ads.

On the basis of what Google decided to remove the right hand side Ads?

Based on the CTR — click through rate, Google decided to remove the right-hand side ads. Keywords, including ios app Development Companies in UK, web development companies, software companies and other commercial keywords on the right hand side were getting a very poor CTR. Google considered it seriously.

What is the Effect on Marketers and General Users?


The organic space has become now more valuable for marketers. So they should concentrate more on SEO as the natural listings on the first page of the search results are more significant. For Business SEO will be imperative. There some fluctuation has happened in the SEO ranking of many websites.

For paid advertisers, this change has made fruitful changes. It will definitely increase the average CPCs.


It won’t matter for regular users, because that space will be used for Product Listing Ads from AdWords shopping campaigns or for Knowledge Graph Boxes. So users will not see much difference.


The competition between businesses is always there, but based on the region and countries, keywords competition is increasing. Obviously this is the mobile era, the competition between the mobile keywords is very high. For keywords like IPhone app Development Company in UK, and Android app Development Company in UK, the competition is expected to increase.

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